Mrs. Terri Darden

1st Grade Special Education


About the Teacher/Welcome Msg

As you know I am Terri Darden, the Special Education Teacher for 1st grade. Here is what will be happening with your student in my class this year. Monday-Thursday your child might bring home a short book to read in their Mustang Folder. Please read this with them! Reading with your child lets them know that reading is important! 

On Mondays the students will write the new words for the week in their Mustang Folder. These words are used for games, sentences, and spelling test.

In their Mustang Folder is the homework/behavior chart.  If they have a problem during the day i will write on day or give you a call.  Please look at their folder for both general education teacher and my class.  As my class is a little different from the general education classes; I try to give only reading and study new words as homework. However, if a student is not completing his/her work I might send it home as homework.

If you have questions or need anything please email me or call the school at 890-7705 to leave a message. I respond to all messages as quickly as possible. I love being on your child's team and am excited for us to work together!



First Grade Special Ed Content

Web-plans for Mrs. Darden’s Class

Dear Parents,

If your child is an inclusion student, they will follow their general education teacher’s web plans.  If your child is a resource student, they will follow both general education and my web plans. I have provided a link on my page to help.   


Mississippi State Standards

Language Arts:

RL.1.1- Ask and answer questions about key details in a text. 

RL. 1.3 – Describe characters, settings, and major events in the story, using key details. 



1.OA.2 – Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction.

1.OA.6 – Add and subtract within 20 fluently. 


Spelling words for the week of March 23- April 3rd:

These words are very important to my student!  They must be able to read them, spell them and use them in a complete sentence. There are many games you can play with the spelling words. Here are a few

*Make two sets of the words on cards and play “Memory” or “Go Fish”.  As the words are turned over have the student read each one. 

*You say the word and the student must break it into parts of chunks to make spelling easier. 

*Say the word and have the student jump for each sound in the word while saying the sound.

*Use shaving cream on a table or pudding in a zip lock bag and practice writing the words.

*See how fast the student can read the words or how many they get right.

*Have student write a sentence using a spelling word and illustrate it.

#There are many more ideas on the MDE website look under Parents Read-at-Home Plan for Student Success.  These are NOT new words the students have had them several weeks ago. 

Grow                    open                    away                    started

Passing                table                    invite                   crispy

She’ll                    wisely                  give                      people                

April 6th to 10th---New spelling words                   Continue working with words!!!!!  I miss you guys!!!!!!

Off                       hiding                  disturb                 Friday

Boy                      turtle                   survive                 elbow

Hurt                     many                   any                       acorn

Reading: Keep reading

Again there are many activities to do for reading on the MDE webpage.  There are also activities they can do by them self on an iPad. 

Please do not forget that AR and other websites are on our librarians, Christy Wilbanks, website also. 

*Read a book with your student.  Ask him about the characters, settings, and plot.  Do not forget to ask inferencing questions like “How do you know that the character felt ….”

*  is a great website to see and hear books read aloud.  Question can be asked of these books too. 

* Have student write the title and author on the top of a page and then draw a picture of their favorite part in the book. 



Math is a little easier.  This week we will continue to work on math facts adding 0 to 20.

*Make math addition cards for the 5’s and 6’s. Start with 0 + 5= 5.

*Games can be played with these also. 

***April 6th to 10th Work on 7 math facts but don't forget the 0 to 6's practice on them still too. 

Thank you for your patience.  If you need to contact me please text me at 901 849 1169 or use the email contact link by my photo above.