CHES Make-A-Wish Week


Next week, November 11-15th, is our Annual Make-A-Wish Money Week.  This is an event that we hold each year to raise $5,000 and grant the wish of a seriously ill child in our area.  Then, that child comes here to CHES where we get to have a reveal celebration and we magically grant their one true wish.  The blass that raises the most money for the entire week will get a Donut Party. 

*Please count and label your child's money each day before you send it in to his/her teacher.

·         Monday, Nov. 11thPenny Day - All students will bring in Pennies

·         Tuesday, Nov. 12thNickel Day - All students will bring in Nickles

·         Wednesday, Nov. 13thDime Day - All students will bring in Dimes

·         Thursday, Nov. 14thQuarter Day - All students will bring in Quarters

·         Friday, Nov. 15thDollars and Donations Day ** - All students will bring in Dollars & Donations

**This day is very important, if you know of a person or business that may want to donate, please ask them to help! Checks made payable to the Make-A-Wish Foundation are tax deductible.

Thank you for your help,

Ms. Emy, Mrs. Watson and Spotlight Classes

Make-A-Wish Reveal
Make-A-Wish Reveal