2021-22 Music Predictions

Fingers Crossed

For the 2021-22 school year, we hope to return to Music as Usual. This includes grade programs, choir concerts, and combined pledge assemblies.

A few changes:

For the Mustang Singers Choir (4th and 5th Graders), I will be taking teacher recommendations in lieu of auditioning. Your students homeroom teacher from this (2020-21) school year will score students on attitude, grades, punctuality to school, and ability to work with others. If students do well on this rubric, they will be invited to join the 2021-22 Mustang Singers. 

For fifth graders only: if your student does not do well on their teacher recommendation, they will have the option to audition instead. I want fifth graders to have every opportunity to be in choir if they want to be, since it's their last elementary year.