Stephanie Perry

Grades K-2 Self-Contained


Welcome to Our Class!

About Our Class:

Hi friends! I am SO excited to meet you this year! While our class is self-contained, it is run closely in line with a general education class. We have a daily routine that includes Math, ELA, Reading, and Science. We also focus on different skills such as behavior, social, emotional and communication. We are able to have more 1-1 time with our students. This allows for more differentiated instruction so that we can help our student's based on their individual needs. 

My Mission:

It is very important to me that my student's know how capable they are. in my class, We will focus on learning how to be independent and accountable. I believe it is important to not only teach curriculum, but also life skills. It is my mission to ensure that each student feels loved, valued, important, and capable inside and outside of my classroom. With that being said, I cannot wait to get this school year started. 


About the Teacher

Education and Experience:

This is my third year of teaching. Previously, I have been an assistant teacher for DeSoto County Schools. I received my Bachelor's degree from Mississippi State University. I also have a  Master's degree in Special Education from Mississippi State University as well. 



 I am certified in K-12 Special Education. 


Personal Info:

Teaching is my passion! I love watching little minds catch on to an idea and I love helping kiddos bring their ideas to life. I absolutely love working with children! I am excited about what this year will bring. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family. I also enjoy spending time outdoors.