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What is Music like at CHES?

At Center Hill, each student comes to music activity for 45 minutes once every six school days. During this time, we learn how to play, sing, and read music! We practice creating and listening. We keep our bodies healthy and learn to understand beat/rhythm through movement. 

Every grade has a program all together once per year. Programs take place in the activity room/cafetorium here at school. Programs are usually 20-30 minutes long, and are at 2:00 PM. Dates for these programs are below. CHES also has a patriotic assembly on the first Tuesday morning of every month, called the Combined Pledge. 

I will keep in contact with parents by sending notes home, and by messaging via Remind 101 (codes to join Remind 101 are below). 

Students grades 3-5 also have the opportunity to be in choir! Third grade students participate in a non-auditioned group, Treble Choir. Fourth and Fifth grade students can audition to be in the Mustang Singers. Choir students practice in the mornings, 8:00-8:25,  once or twice per week. These students participate in extra concerts, field trips, and assemblies. For 21-22 audition information please click here.


For information about me- please visit my staff page by clicking here. 

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Video Programs from 2020-21

Third Grade: Black History Month 2021

Video player keyboard control info.

Fifth Grade Christmas 2020

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CHES Choir presents: Veteran's Day 2020

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Music Announcements

Quaver Music 2021-22

How to use at home and at school!

Wed Aug 18 12:23 PM

Choir Activities Postponed

Due to COVID-19 and the Delta Variant increasing in our area, we will wait until November (at the earliest) to begin choir activities.

Thu Aug 12 08:44 AM

CoroRio Auditions

An extra-curricular community choir opportunity!

Fri Aug 06 09:45 AM

Remind 101
Remind 101 Codes Updated

Remind 101 Codes are now for the 2021-22 School Year

Thu Jul 29 09:33 AM

Fingers Crossed
2021-22 Music Predictions

What we hope the upcoming school year will be like for CHES Music!

Thu Jul 29 09:11 AM

(Tentative) Grade Programs


November 4: Second Grade Veteran's Day Celebration.

November 18: Fifth Grade Off Their Rocker!

December 15: Kindergarten Twas the Night Before Christmas

February 9: Third Grade Jazz! (Black History Celebration)

March 8: First Grade Alphabet Adventures

March 30: Fourth Grade We're in the Band!


Join Remind 101 for CHES Music

Kindergarten: text @chesmusick to 81010

First Grade: text @chesmusic1 to 81010

Second Grade: text @chesmusic2 to 81010

Third Grade: text @chesmusic3 to 81010

Fourth Grade: text @chesmusic4 to 81010

Fifth Grade: text @chesmusic5 to 81010