First Grade Team

Dear Parents,

        As our year comes to a close, we would like you to know that we appreciate your support over the course of distance learning. Below you will find summer learning resources, each of the previous week's assignments, and district-created learning packets.  Please utilize these to assist in preventing loss of learning over the summer and to prepare for 2nd grade. If you need any additional information, please visit your teacher's website by clicking on their name above. We miss and love our students so very much! Thank you again for all you have done and are continuing to do to help your child succeed! Have a safe and fun summer!


First Grade Teachers


Letter and Summer Packet from Upcoming 2nd Grade Teachers


Online lessons will be available for learning over the summer through i-Ready.

***You will need to download the free "i-Ready for students" app if you are using an iPad. At this time, the i-Ready program does not currently work on cell phones.

Online i-Ready Login:

Username: first initial, last initial, student ID (MSIS number)

Password: student ID (MSIS number)


Online Links:

Tips for Summer Reading

Summer Science Learning

Additional Resources

*These are useful, but OPTIONAL resources to use 

Go Noodle

Splash Math

Spelling City (lessons 1-46 are all words previously taught, 47-50 are new word lists)


Librarian's Website (Ms. Christy)

P.E. Website (Mrs. D'Antonio) 
General 1st Grade Skills

*Extra practice that all first graders will benefit from*

Read daily (30 minutes)

Addition and subtraction facts to 20

Writing complete sentences (capital letter, punctuation, makes sense)

Handwriting Practice can be found here

Telling time (hour and half-hour)

Identifying coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter) and counting coins up to $1.00

County Created Distance Learning Packets