First Grade Team

Melissa Smith, Asst.
Lindsey Johns, Asst.
Wendy Hale, Asst.
Tina Milligan, Asst.
Samantha Murray, Asst.

Additional Resources

*These are useful, but OPTIONAL resources to use 

Go Noodle

Splash Math

Spelling City (lessons 1-46 are all words previously taught, 47-50 are new word lists)


Librarian's Website (Ms. Christy)

P.E. Website (Mrs. D'Antonio) 

General 1st Grade Skills

*Extra practice that all first graders will benefit from*

Read daily (30 minutes)

Addition and subtraction facts to 20

Writing complete sentences (capital letter, punctuation, makes sense)

Handwriting Practice can be found here

Telling time (hour and half-hour)

Identifying coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter) and counting coins up to $1.00