Counselor's Corner

Estelle Denbrook, Counselor

DeSoto County School District Mental Health

Classroom Guidance

We offer classroom guidance activities based on our monthly themed character traits.

August:  Friendly - The art of friendship

September:  Responsible - Decision making skills / making good choices

October:  Kindness-An attitude of gratitude and compassion

November:  Hardworking - Doing your best in all situations

December:  Respectful - respecting ourselves and others

January:  Focused - Setting worthy goals and setting proper priorities

February:  Be Positive - Positive mindset

March:  Caring - Building a caring community

April:  Cooperative - Synergize - working together

May:  Persistent - You can succeed


We also provide classroom guidance in the following areas upon teacher request:

* Anger Management
* Bullying Prevention
* Career Awareness and the World of Work
* Conflict Management
* Cooperation
* Diverse Families
* Drug and Alcohol Prevention
* Embracing Differences
* Safety
* Understanding Emotions
* Study Skills

Individual and Small Group Counseling

Some areas of counseling include:

* Academic Indifference
* Academic Development
* Emotional Difficulties
* Behavior Modification 
* Conflict Management
* Friendship Skills
* Low Self-esteem
* Divorce/Changing Family Reaction    
* Setting Goals
* Organizational Skills
* Adjustment Issues
Please contact us if you feel your child could benefit from individual or small group counseling services.