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DeSoto County School District Mental Health

About once a month, the school counselor visits each classroom to teach various social and emotional skills. These lessons include (but are not limited to):

  • responsibility
  • respect
  • empathy
  • kindness
  • growth mindset
  • career awareness
  • conflict resolution
  • test taking skills

Each month we also learn about a different value or character trait:

August:  Meet the Counselor, Honor, Self Awareness

September:  Trust

October:  Grit, Red Ribbon Week, Unity Day

November:  Courage, Gratitude

December:  Joy

January:  Knowledge, Goal Setting

February:  Respect, Career Awareness

March:  Forgiveness

April:  Humility

May:  Determination

Individual and Small Group Counseling

Individual Counseling -

Students may see the school counselor individually to address a specific concern or issue. Students can self-refer themselves, as well as, parents, teachers, administrators, or anyone who may be concerned about the student. Individual counseling with the school counselor should be intermittent or short term. Should there be a need for a longer length of counseling, the school counselor will offer resources to the family. Please email the school counselor or complete the online referral form (coming soon) for individual counseling with the school counselor. 

Some areas of counseling include:

* Academic Indifference
* Academic Development
* Emotional Difficulties
* Behavior Modification 
* Conflict Management
* Friendship Skills
* Low Self-esteem
* Divorce/Changing Family Reaction    
* Setting Goals
* Organizational Skills

* Adjustment Issues


Small Group Counseling -

Students may also see the counselor in a small group. Small group counseling varies in frequency, in number, and in topics. This level of service is offered to support more students at one time that may have similar needs. Small group sessions are limited and occur over a several week period. Teachers, parents, and administrators frequently refer students for this service. Please email the school counselor or complete the online referral form (coming soon) for small group counseling with the school counselor. 

Some areas of counseling include:

  • anxiety
  • behavior
  • anger management
  • social skills
  • grief/loss
  • divorce
  • academic support
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