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Rachel Robertson Staff Photo

Welcome to Mrs. Robertson`s Class! 


**Please remember to sign up for my reminders by texting @693eb7 to 81010.  This is my primary method of communicating with parents.  It is very important that everyone is signed up.  

My email address is

As we get closer and closer to the end of the year, please help us continue to raise the bar by working with your child nightly on our skills and reinforcing our rules. Behavior typically becomes a bigger issue during the sping season.  Please remind your child that we expect all rules to be followed every day that we are in school. Your help with this shows!  We still have LOTS to accomplish!

Don't forget that testing is going on school-wide, and it is important that students remain quiet and respectful when we are travelling as a class from place to place within the school. Thank you SO much for all you do! 

 Important Reminders:

  • Be sure to return the emptied daily folder to school every day. Use our classwork as a review at home. Classwork is the BEST review!
  • PLEASE look over your child's work each day.  I often write short notes on the work to you about what to review or practice at home (if necessary) or what your child may be having a time understanding.
  • Lunch money is only collected on Mondays.  If you send in lunch money on any other day, your child will need a safe way to keep up with the money and give it to the lunch ladies when going through the lunch line.
  •  ALL homework is due every Friday morning (in the homework folder), or it will have to be completed here at recess.  This does include the spelling words (even though an actual sheet is not sent home for that. 
  • When any money is being collected, please be sure to put the money in a ziploc bag or envelope--labeled-- so I can send the money to the correct place.  Then send the money to school in the daily folder.  I do not check backpacks... only the daily folder.
  • Dismissal changes can not be made without a parent note. Students can not simply tell me they are going home a "different way".  I must have parental notification.  Otherwise, the student must go home the typical way. To avoid this problem, PLEASE remember to always send a note any time dismissal changes (even if it is just a one-day change).  Specify if the change is permanent or just a one time thing.  Please do not e-mail this information to me, as I might not be able to check my email until after the school day.  THANKS!


Donations of individually wrapped candy will always be greatly appreciated.  I use these treats for all sorts of incentives and rewards throughout the day.  No hard candy, please.  Dum-dum suckers are always a favorite.  Laffy Taffy, Smarties, etc., are also big hits. 





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