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One of my main goals is to make learning new speech and language skills fun!  My most vivid educational memories were the ones that were unique and fun.  I will incorporate games into the therapy sessions as often as possible to make it enjoyable for the students.  

At CHES, students are typically grouped by grade.  Ideally, no more than 3 students will be in each group.  I will go to the classrooms to get the students when it is time for speech.  For preschool students, I usually join them in the classroom for therapy.  This minimizes distractions and keeps them in a familiar environment. 

One question I often get asked is, "How long will my child be in speech?"  The answer varies from child to child as everyone learns at a different pace.  For children working on articulation (speech sounds) and fluency, carryover to environments outside of the therapy room is one of the hardest skills.  Children remember to use speech skills correctly while sitting in my room, however, they typically forget to carry those skills to the classroom, playground, home, etc.  It will come though!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at 890-7705 or