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5th Grade Expectations



Parents and Students,                  

Fifth grade is always a fun year of change for students. This year will be the last elementary year, and the transition can be difficult for both students and parents. However, it is an exciting time of growth & learning.
An important part of Math is deep understanding and continual application. We are teaching for mastery of math skills...not just memorization. So, we will pull skills that we have previously taught in order to keep them fresh.

Multiplication facts are important to know - study them nightly. There isn't enough time in the day for us to drill multiplication facts, so it's up to the student to review & study them. 

Students will participate in Hands-On Centers at least once a week.  This will provide a deeper understanding of the math standards covered in class as well as extra practice and enrichment.

Each student will receive a workbook and a spiral notebook for math.  The workbook may also be assessed online at home (info will be given later).  The spiral notebook should be used for math class work and review only! 

District Assessments (60%)
District Assessments (recall, list, match, identify, computation) will be given on Fridays.  There are 3-4 district assessments each 9 weeks.  The test questions will be multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, and open-ended response.  Assessments will include any skill we've taught at any point and not just the ones we are presently working on.  (It may be helpful to have a folder at home to keep all tests in order to review math skills for the end of the year Common Core Assessment).

Independent Skills Practice - ISP (40%)
Examples of ISP could include Math Warm Up, Daily Quizzes, Skills Sheets, Center Activities, etc. These assignments will be taken up and graded with or without previous notice. 

Grades & Papers
Graded Papers will be sent home every Tuesday in a folder.  Please sign and return the form attached the following day (you keep the tests).  Grades are available on PowerSchool.  Please contact the school office if you need help with the login / password.


How Can You Help???
*check and review homework pages for each lesson (I do not assign homework for a grade)
*discuss tests that come home in graded papers
*have your child explain in detail what was learned in class (if they say “nothing” keep pushing!!!) J
*contact me if there is ever a question or concern


This year responsibility is the key word. Students are learning to make choices that affect outcomes. Students are responsible for taking notes to prepare for tests, writing down & keeping up with their own assignments, and being prepared for class. They will be held accountable for every decision & action they make...writing their names on their papers, checking both sides of worksheets, completing all of an assignment, turning in completed work on time, having needed materials, etc. EXCUSES ARE NOT ANSWERS!!

I look forward to an exciting year.  Thanks in advance for all of your help and cooperation to make your child’s education a success!


Valerie Oxner