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5th Grade Expectations


What Should You Expect in Fifth Grade???

Fifth grade is always a fun year of change for students. This year will be the last elementary year, and the transition can be difficult for both students and parents. However, it is an exciting time of growth & learning. Below are some things for you to expect throughout the year that will help make things a bit easier.


An important part of Math is deep understanding and continual application. We are teaching for mastery of math skills...not just memorization. So, we will pull skills that we have previously taught in order to keep them fresh. Tests may include any skill we've taught at any point and not just the ones we are presently working on. In addition, we are working to develop mathematical language. Therefore, math vocabulary may be assessed at anytime. Be on the lookout for weekly study guides. It may be helpful to have a folder at home to keep all study guides in order to review math skills that have been taught. Multiplication facts are important to know - study them nightly. There isn't enough time in the day for us to drill multiplication facts, so it's up to the student to review & study them.


This year responsibility is the key word. Students are learning to make choices that affect outcomes. Students are responsible for taking notes to prepare for tests, writing down & keeping up with their own assignments, and being prepared for class. They will be held accountable for every decision & action they make...writing their names on their papers, checking both sides of worksheets, completing all of an assignment, turning in completed work on time, having homework, etc. EXCUSES ARE NOT ANSWERS!!