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Teacher and Assistant Teacher of the Year
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Wednesday, January 25, 2017
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Because of her tireless efforts and enduring love of learning and teaching, Mrs. Jeanette Aday has been chosen as Center Hill Elementary's Teacher of the Year. This is the second time she has earned this honor as she was chosen 2010 Teacher of the Year at Lake Cormorant. Mrs. Aday has been teaching for 20 years. She has taught at Hope Sullivan Elementary, Lake Cormorant Elementary, and at Center Hill Elementary. She earned her Bachelor's Degree from Mississippi State University.


Mrs. Aday’s personal philosophy of teaching is that a relationship must first be established with the student. Students need to know that they can trust their leader just as adults do. When the student trusts the teacher, he/she will work toward the goal that the teacher sets forth. Students need to know that their teacher cares about them. Furthermore, she strives toward helping the students develop confidence. She lets them know that it is okay to be wrong. She enjoys the experience of having her students explain why they are right or why they have given the correct answer. She loves when her students make connections.

Mrs. Stacy Thomason has been chosen as our Teacher Assistant of the Year. However, when you observe her working with the students, it is as if she is a seasoned teacher. She does an amazing job helping our students grow as readers and mathematicians. She goes beyond the call of duty to make the second grade lessons come to life. Her effort is unwavering.  What a great asset she is to CHES!


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